Meet Jan Janzen

Jan Janzen: 8 Sacred Money Archetypes
Jan has been a serial entrepreneur for 43 years, buying her first franchise at the age of 19. She has done everything from being president of a network marketing company to running a 6-figure healing practice to having a Canada-wide pole dancing business.

She left the Jehovah’s Witness organization in 1999 after spending her entire life devoted to her faith.  Transitioning to life outside the cult was challenging and life shattering.  Her husband of 18 years left her for another woman, she ended up homeless twice and almost bankrupt.

It was during this time that Jan’s money programming became very evident.  Trained from infancy that Armageddon was always “just around the corner”, she had no concept of growing old, financial security or amassing wealth.

It was through a two decade journey of money self-discovery that Jan not only learned about Sacred Money Archetypes but did a 180 degree turn-around in her perception of money, having a positive effect on her financial status.

A non-denominational minister and author of 3 books, Jan traveled the world for 9 years, spent 4 years as a missionary in Ecuador and now resides on 20 acres in the woods in BC, Canada with her two rescue cats.

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