What’s Your Sacred Money Archetype?

If you've ever wondered why you:

• Struggle to earn enough money
• Have money but feel like it's never enough
• Can't raise your fees even though you know your work is worth more than you are charging
• Squirm uncomfortably when it comes to financial matters
• Have a love/hate relationship with money
• Often feel anxious, worried or reluctant about spending money even if you have enough

Then the Sacred Money Archetype assessment is for you.

Step 1 Take the Assessment. Answer the questions quickly. FIRST thought - BEST thought. Answer based on your entire life experience, not just your current knowledge. Do not answer based on what you would like things to be or what you think you should answer. Most people take less than 10 minutes to answer the questions.

Step 2 Watch the short videos on your top 3 archetypes.

Step 3 Watch a 20-minute video that shows how the various archetypes can work together but can also be in conflict with each other.

Step 4 Enjoy the weekly newsletter sent out every Friday that will give you more insight into the Sacred Money Archetypes.


Assessment used with permission. ©Copyright 2018 Kendall SummerHawk. All Rights Reserved. Sacred Money Archetypes®